श्री सदगुरु दत्त धार्मिक एवं पारमार्थिक ट्रस्ट


A Guruji had once visited the village Shujalpur and his mother took him to attend his pravachan program. The, Guruji who visited to village, said in his pravachan that every body must attempt to feed all the ants that crawl the streets of the village and predictably everyone got into the task very next day. “That is the power of speech, the right words can change the lives of people”, says Shri Bhaiyyuji Maharaj. These words stroked the mind and from then as a child P.P Shri Bhaiyyuji Maharaj decided to kindle patriotism and spirituality in the hearts of people & wipe off the tears of poor. He visualizes his mission to serve humanity and the nation. He says that “Our Religion is humanity, our service is Nationality. To fulfill this mission he laid down the foundation of Shri Sadguru Dutta Dharmik & Parmarthik Trust and got registered on 31st March, 1999 as 640/IND/99 at Sukhlia in Indore at SURYODAY ASHRAM.

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