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Support to anti-India jibe at JNU unfortunate: Bhaiyyu Maharaj 18-02-2016

`Nation’s interest  is bigger than `freedom of speech’

 Indore: Spiritual leader Bhaiyyuji Maharaj has described as unfortunate the ongoing row over raising of anti-India slogans by group of selected students allegedly owing allegiance to Kashmir separatists at Jawahar lal Nehru university campus recently. In a press statement issued here today the spiritual leader said the way group of selected students were allowed to raise anti-India slogans on the hallowed campus of JNU and that too in the presence of university students and students union leaders, will not only help separatists and would strengthen separatists movement in the country but  would also give a severe blow to unity, integrity and sovereignty of the country.
In JNU row, what is most unfortunate that our students remained mute spectators to anti-India slogans and did not raise any protest against these traitors of the nation. To me indulging in crime  and being a part of criminal conspiracy against the country are almost akin to each other.
 Freedom of speech as enshrined in our Constitution cannot be bigger than national interest and I am pained to say that the political leaders who in the name of  right to freedom of speech and to serve their vested political interest, giving statements in favour of students who were allegedly a part of criminal conspiracy of anti-India elements at the JNU campus, are even bigger threat and danger to the unity and integrity of the nation than the separatists.
 I take this opportunity to even appeal my media friends not to give any coverage to such leaders whose statements directly or indirectly strengthening hands of separatists, their nefarious design to divide India and putting country’s unity and integrity in peril.
Allowing anti-India activities and sedition at these temples of education like Jawahar lal Nehru and Jadhavpur universities cannot be accepted and the government of the country as well as the states should essentially intervene to prevent recurrences of such incidences in future.
The tolerance level of the country has been stretched to its limit with our political leaders making off the cuff remarks in JNU row. It is unfortunate that these leaders’ conscience are not harmed with sacrifices of martyrs like Hanumanthappa, pains of martyrs’ families and suicides by drought-hit farmers. On the other hand, they get a jolt to their conscience when students leaders like Kanhaiya goes to jail on sedition charges. It is high time our government acts tough against such persons whose absurd statements are posing great threat to country’s security, it’s unity and integrity.
Shree Bhaiyyuji Maharaj

(Founder – Shree Sadguru Datta Dharmik Evam Parmarthik Trust, Indore)

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