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RSS chief meets Bhaiyyu Maharaj, condemns attack on him 11-05-2016

Bhagwat applauds social initiatives of spiritual guru
Indore: The RSS Sarsanghchalak Dr Mohan Bhagwat today made a courtesy call to spiritual guru and social reformer Bhaiyyu Maharaj at his residence and inquired about his health after report of twin attacks on him by some unidentified miscreants on Indore-Poona national highway few days back.
While condemning attack on Bhaiyyu Maharaj, Bagwat said such a nefarious  design of antisocial elements will not demotivate the spiritual guru  from carrying his social works, instead he asked him to continue with his works for the poor, farmers and underprivileged with renewed vigor.
During his one and-half hour stay at Bhaiyyu Maharaj’s residence. The RSS chief showed deep interest in various social, health, agriculture, educational and environmental projects that former has been carrying out in the countryside, especially in Madhya Pradesh and Maharashtra and said such noble initiatives by the Rashtra saint will go a long way in ameliorating the condition of farmers.
Bhagwat especially showed his high appreciations for the works being carried by Bhaiyyu Maharaj in areas of water, environment conservation, land reforms, rehabilitation of criminals, Pardhi samaj boys and girls as well as for educational uplift of children of poor farmers. During his talk, Bhaiyyu Maharaj also shared his vision for the works he has planned for the socio-economic development of poor farmers living in Madhya Pradesh, Maharashtra and Bundelkhad for the year 2016.
Spiritual leader Bhaiyyu Maharaj on his way from Poona to Indore few days back had been attacked by unidentified assailants twice, causing minor injuries to him and other persons accompanying him. Reacting  on his attack, he had suspected  involvement of corporate religious lobby for whom religion and spirituality had become a tool to churn money and gain prominence.
He had recently condemned huge expenses being made on organizing mega religious events and had said such money could well be utilized for ameliorating the condition of farmers.

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