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Bhaiyyu Maharaj for value based  education to prevent crimes against women 22-07-2016

 Bhaiyyu Maharaj for value based  education to prevent crimes against women
Suryoday Trust dedicates 4 school buses for safety of Kopardi girls
Veteran social worker Anna Hazare hails Bhaiyyu Maharaj for his noble initiative
Ahmednagar : Moved by gruesome gang-rape and murder of a teen-age girl at Kopardi in Ahmad Nagar dist of Maharashtra, spiritual leader Bhaiyyu Maharaj has announced `Suryoday Kuhu Kanyadhan Suraksha Yojna' to prevent recurrences of Kopardi in Maharashtra and elsewhere in the country. Under this scheme, the spiritual saint on behalf of his Trust, has donated four mini school buses to pick school going girls from their houses and drop them safely to their schools and later from their schools to their houses. These school buses which are equipped with all high-end technical gadgets like CCTV cameras, GPS system to track location of buses, were dedicated to the people of Korpardi by noted social worker Anna Hazare at an august ceremony at Koprdi today in the auspicious presence of spiritual saint Bhaiyyu Maharaj and other dignitaries including sarpanch Popatrao Pawar, former Maharashtra Minister Harshwardhan Patil and social worker Vidya Tai Chouhan respectively.
While dedicating school buses to the girls of Kopardi,  Hazare lauded Bhaiyyu Maharaj for his noble initiative and his concern for the girls and daughters of the country and exhorted people, political leaders and other dignitaries to follow the footsteps of Bhaiyyu Maharaj.
Speaking on the occasion. Bhaiyyu Maharaj while condemning the Kopardi gang rape incident in the strongest term, described youth’s addictions towards drugs and porn sites responsible for such incidents and appealed the government ban these porn sites. The spiritual saint said that his trust has set up  Rashtr Mata Jijabai Sangathan to train and give  consultations to girls for their self-defense and protection.
He underlined the need of  promoting  to value based  education and  teachings to youths  to change their mindset towards women, girls and prevent recurrences of such incidents in future. In order to inculcate moral values among youths, Bhaiyyu Maharaj said his trust would soon launch a country-wide campaign `Suryoday Sanskaar Saptaah Abhiyaan’
Earlier,  Bhaiyyu Maharaj along with Anna Hazare and other guests visited the family members and parents of  Nirbhaya at Kopardi and expressed their deep condolences over the incident.
Of four school buses dedicated today, two buses will be run at Kopardi in Ahmad Nagar district, while the remaining two buses will be run in Beed district. These buses will especially help village girls to go to their schools and return home safely.
Bhaiyyu Maharaj said unlike towns and cities where majority of schools have bus facilities for students, there is acute absence of conveyance facilities for girls in villages. As a result of this, they have no choice rather than to go to their schools located far away, on foot. Going alone on foot to their schools, make them  insecure and sometimes they are waylaid by criminals and subjected to inhuman physical torture as was done with teenage girl of Kopardi who was not brutally gang raped but was gauged to death in the most inhuman manner.
The spiritual leader said that being father of a tee-age girl, he can well understand the trauma of the victim as well as her parents. We see people and leaders just condemning incidents of such nature and seeking punishment to the guilty, but unfortunately, there is a hardly anyone coming with a solution to prevent recurrences of such incidents, Bhaiyyu Maharaj said adding that as a saint and as a father, he felt that it was his bounded duty to take initiatives for the safety and protection of all daughters of the country and do not allow recurrences of `Nirbhaya' in our society. It was against this backdrop, that I have decided to donate buses for the daughters of Ahmad Nagar and Beed district so that they can  go to their schools and return home safely. This is just a small initiative as of now but in the coming time, we will make endevours to introduce buses for school going village girls in other parts of the Maharashtra, Madhya Pradesh and elsewhere in the country, he added.
Talking about security arrangements in these buses, the  spiritual guru said that arrangements have been made to equip these buses with modern gadgets like CCTV, video recording, GPS tracking system, message alerts for parents informing them about pick and drop of their daughters. Besides it will also have bio-metric machine for recording attendance and small library. To ensure further safety to the girls, these buses will have all women crew members like women drivers and conductors. Plying of these school buses will be monitored by local-level village committee. Bhaiyyu Maharaj said that expenses to be incurred on running these buses, will be borne out by his Trust
Expressing his deep anguish over Kopardi gang-rape of a teenage girl and her brutal murder, Bhaiyyu Maharaj said no amount of stringent laws and harshest punishment to the  culprits will completely prevent recurrences of such heinous crimes unless and until we change the mindset of people towards women, daughters in our society. Being aware of this fact, Bhaiyyu Maharaj said his Trust since long through its `Suryoday Sanskaar Saptaah Abhiyaan' has been inculcating moral values among school children and youths, making them aware of Indian culture, family values, social mores so that their minds are filled with good thoughts and they do not indulge in any crime against women, girls.
The spiritual saint said his trust has been running several projects not only for safety and protection of women and daughters but also for their social and economic empowerment, their education and marriages.

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